Our notebook covers come from boards made in the coolest paper mill ever! It’s called James Cropper and they are one of the last remaining UK paper mills. They make FSC certified paper and use green energy. They are also innovators in using recycled coffee cups to make paper and board.


All of the inside pages of our notebooks are FSC certified, which means happy trees from sustainable forests and ethical paper mills.


Our bookmarks are printed on FSC certified board that has also been recycled.

Our bookmark supplier uses vegetable based inks, which are vegan. Inks are made of 3 elements; a colourant, a binder and a carrier. Vegetable based inks are different to petroleum based inks because instead of using crude oil in the carrier, they use vegetable oils such as linseed or soy. These are produced with less environmental damage than extracting crude oil, and don’t emit any pollutants when being used. It is also easier to strip paper of this dye when it is being recycled, which means more of the paper can be recycled and the process uses less energy than stripping petroleum inks.


We have just made the switch to print these on recyclable paper. Some stock that is still in circulation won’t have these yet, but from April 2021 all new orders will contain stickers printed on recyclable paper.


For our notebooks that are sold on Amazon, we need to make sure they don’t get damaged. The best material for this is shrink wrap, which is recyclable in the ‘plastic bag’ recycling bins at supermarkets (plastic recycling type 4, LDPE).