Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Our office is based in Soho, a wonderfully diverse part of London. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by so many different types of people and it’s really important to make sure that we’re an inclusive and diverse bunch.

These are the areas we are focusing on, to make sure this happens:

1.Everyone has a voice & chance to make things happen

Everyone is equal and deserves the same opportunities, but unfortunately society doesn’t always work that way. People don’t always get treated fairly, or have the same chances as others and this can be due to their race, class, gender, sexuality or disabilities. We want things to be different at Central 23 and are proud that our small team is as diverse as the city we live in!

There are less than 10 of us right now and we’re a wonderful mix of race, faiths, class, sexuality and gender. It is really important that people feel included and we will continue to champion this as we slowly take over the world….

  1. Our Founders are advocates of inclusivity

Our Founders are always honest and open about what they are doing, and are happy for their decisions to be challenged by anyone across the business. As long as you work hard, you are welcome here.

”I started working at Central 23 in lockdown, so my interviews were all on the phone. I was employed based on the project I submitted, and no one had even seen my face before I was given my contract! This was so refreshing as it showed that the only thing that was important was the work I did, not how I looked or what my background was.“

Vee – Amazon Marketplace Manager

  1. Managers of One

We offer flexible hours, remote working and happily invest in the personal growth of our people. We are still learning and are by no means perfect, but we want to develop and nurture our incredible and hard working team.

  1. Continuous Improvement

As our team grows, we don’t want to stagnate. We will continuously review and assess our policies to ensure we are always improving.