Greeting Cards


Our cards are made in the UK in a small, family run factory.

They are printed on FSC certified board (the industry term for cardboard), which means you can trace it right back to the forest the tree was grown in. This ensures that we know that the entire process from tree, to paper mill, to printers, is sustainable and fair.

We also print digitally rather than with massive printing plates. This means we only ever print the quantity we need which reduces waste. We use HP Indigo printers which are at the forefront of environmentally sustainable printing. HP Indigo printing machines are designed with sustainability in mind. They have with easy shutdown modes to save energy and all wearable parts, like the rubber blanket that puts the ink on the paper, can be recycled.

Any carbon used in the making & delivery of the printers and inks is offset.

We don’t use glitter, because it is a microplastic and just isn’t worth the damage it causes. Any foiling we use is recyclable, so our entire range of cards can be recycled.


Our envelopes are made in the UK from FSC certified paper and are 100% recyclable.


Traditionally, greeting cards have been wrapped in plastic cello bags, to ensure they reach customers in a sellable condition. The cello bags we use are made from OPP which is recyclable across Europe, but not all councils recycle it in the UK. Check here to see if it is recyclable in your area.

We seriously looked into biodegradable alternatives. One option that is available is PLA, which is biodegradable but only at a certain temperature so it won’t biodegrade if discarded with household waste. For now, therefore, our cards sold on Amazon are still using OPP cello bags. This is because the amount of energy and waste caused by replacing damaged cards outweighs the environmental impact of cello bags. We will keep reviewing our options until we find a better solution.

We are going ‘naked’ (ooer) on a lot of the cards we supply to wholesale retailers and hope this will soon become the norm.


Our cards all come with a paper insert with information on how to write the best card ever! These are made in the UK from FSC certified paper. We get these printed in bulk because we will always use them up. The factory we use is one of the leading ethical companies in the UK & we learn so much from them! They have a ‘loop’ environmental system in place where they use factory waste to fuel their printing – e.g old palettes that can’t be used anymore are turned into chipboard and used to fuel the factory.


Our stickers are designed and printed in the UK.

We have just made the switch to print these on recyclable paper. Some stock that is still in circulation won’t have these yet, but from April 2021 we’re phasing out our vinyl stickers and replacing with ones printed on recyclable paper and printed with vegetable based inks.


As of 2021, are cards are no longer packed with bubble wrap. Instead, we pack them into place with recycled brown paper to stop them getting creased in transit.