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You might be asking yourself how Central 23 is able to create the amount of fun that we do... Great question! Team work really does make the dream work! We all play a part in creating outstanding products, exposure and experience for our customers with an unorthodox attention to detail. Not gonna lie, we have really high standards and that's what makes this group of people special.
Ella Pitman aka Mozzarella
Junior Designer
Emily Brinkley aka Emily The Enemy
Head Of Design
Georgia Simmonds aka Scooby
Junior Designer
Luke Shelley aka Lucky Luciano
Marcus Ereira aka Marcus Spartacus
Rumina Begum aka The Ruminator
Head Of Wholesale Account Management
Saphia Islam aka Peanut
Inventory Marketplace Account Manager
Vee Partridge aka Vee The Venerable
Amazon USA Account Manager