Supply Chain

As well as the 7 of us at Central 23, there are 93 other people in our UK factories who directly benefit from your Central 23 order.

We chose to work with factories that are committed to sustainability and who care about employee happiness as much as we do.


Our cards are made in a small family run factory, headed up by the founder’s children. They lead the way when it comes to sustainability; they’ve just moved into a solar powered building, they recycle their off-cuts and even their company vehicles are green!


Our notebooks are made in the Midlands, where two families have come together to make the amazing happen. You can’t chat to these guys and not get excited about paper. They source a large quantity of it from one of the last UK paper mills, and can bore you to tears with papery facts. Knowing their stuff like they do means they make some flipping lovely notebooks!


Our gift wrap factory are also top of their game when it comes to sustainability. They are ISO 14001 certified, which means their environmental management system has been audited by an independent body. They hooked us in with their amazing print quality, and then blew our socks off with their vegetable inks (read more here)

Using local factories also means that Central 23 products sold in the UK have zero air miles.  There is also the added benefit that we get to visit these places (roadtrip woohoo!!) and benefit from their experienced and knowledgeable staff. This helps us get new ideas and improve our product.

Dhruman – Printer Extraordinaire

There is nothing Dhruman doesn’t know about printing! Boards (the industry term for paper), inks, machines, packing – this guy knows it all! The massive benefit of working with people like Dhruman is that his knowledge helps us make better products. In return, we let him keep some of our amazing designs…that’s a fair trade off right?!