We are always looking for new talent to join the Central 23 team. We don't post specific vacancies on the website but if you fit the general criteria we look for in team members (as outlined below), we would encourage you to get in touch.

Who Are We? 🔮

Central 23 are on a mission to make today more fun than yesterday! We do this through creating the most fun for our customers by continually improving our product, exposure and experience with our unique and crazy attention to detail.

We are a small team and are always looking to grow, but to join you have to meet a certain criteria. Please only continue reading if you work hard, if you take pride in your work, if you’re extremely ambitious, if you’re an independent thinker, if you aim for continuous improvement, if you’re not afraid to fail and if you’re nice - fun and positive.

Our History 📖

We started out selling novelty products but customers weren't interested (our initial fail with Central 23) The first product we (actually) sold was a Kim Kardashian greeting card and it took us about two years of hard work and hustle to get that first sale with Urban Outfitters.

Central 23 has been in business since 2016. From our modest start of a single greeting card order, we now sell stationery and homewares to over 4000 stores around the world! We still have a long way to go and want to achieve even more exposure to consumers.

We have two types of consumers:

  1. Customers - this is a wholesale relationship where we sell directly to stores or distributors including; Urban Outfitters, PrettyLittleThing, Oliver Bonas and many more.
  2. End Users - this a direct to consumer relationship where we sell online through our own website as well as marketplaces like Amazon.

Our office is based in the heart of Central London, Soho to be exact. We are behind a very welcoming graffiti ridden door. There are so many games you can play in Soho but my favourite is called “what is that smell”. It will keep you guessing for hours 👃

The One In A Million We Are Looking For 🙋🙋‍♂️

We’re looking for someone who is extremely hard working, passionate, energetic, ambitious and fun. Here is a breakdown of those traits:

Hard Working

At Central 23, you get back what you put in. If you join the company, work hard and make shit happen, you will be rewarded accordingly. We are a small team and have big aspirations. We don’t have space for people who can’t commit 110%. Working at Central 23 is by no means easy but easy is boring.

Take Pride In Your Work

Delivering to a high standard is only possible when you truly care about what you are doing. It means fully immersing yourself in your work and being proud of the finished results.

Extremely Ambitious

Ambition and high aspirations are really important because it means you have a drive to succeed and grow. We want to work with people who love a challenge and won’t stop until their goal has been achieved. People who see a problem and need to solve it. People who have a desire for more responsibility and higher compensation.

Independent Thinker

We need independent thinkers with their own opinions. Central 23 can’t improve or grow with yes people. We need someone who has a strong voice who can think outside of the box and get creative.

Below is a quote from Rework by Jason Fried that sums independent thinkers quite nicely:

"Managers of one are people who come up with their own goals and execute them. They don’t need heavy direction. They don’t need daily check-ins. They do what a manager would do - set the tone, assign items, determine what needs to get done, etc. - but they do it by themselves and for themselves.
These people free you from oversight. They set their own direction. When you leave them alone, they surprise you with how much they’ve gotten done. They don’t need a lot of hand-holding or supervision.
How can you spot these people? Look at their back-grounds. They have set the tone for how they’ve worked at other jobs. They’ve run something on their own or launched some kind of project. You want someone who’s capable of building something from scratch and seeing it through. Finding these people frees the rest of your team to work more and manage less."

Continuous Improvement

As a business we are always looking to improve. Improving our product, exposure and experience. We need the same from the people within the business. People who are looking to grow, who analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve them. Take every opportunity to ask for feedback “How am I doing?”, “How is this?”, “How can I do this better?”. Always stay curious and try to learn more about what you’re doing to improve your understanding.

Not Afraid To Fail

Being a small, young and nimble business means that we are constantly trying lots of different and new things. Inevitably some of those things will fail. We want people to try, try and try again. If you fail with something, pick yourself up and move onto the next. Learn from your failures and fail as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next idea or project.

Nice, Fun & Positive

We spend most of our time at work or on work. It’s not only the end goal that is enjoyable, it’s the journey. We want to work alongside people who are nice, who have fun, who are super optimistic and caring. We want to do amazing things and enjoy ourselves while we do it!

Why Central 23

At Central 23 you’re not just a number, you’re a first name and maybe a last name if there are two of us with the same first name! We are small and entrepreneurial.

It’s not easy and you will have a lot on your plate but it will be rewarding. You will have a lot of freedom and flexility to try new things and will be taking lead positions in key areas of the business.

We realise that saying you have the freedom to try new things and to take a lead doesn't mean much, they're just words. We want to back that up with action because we really mean it and need everyone on the team to take a lead so that our business can thrive. For that reason we implemented new ways of working which we are continuously improving. One of those new ways of working is that all team members can choose where and when they work.

We have an office in Soho because we want a Central 23 hub where people can opt to work from, get together, brain storm, have fun, throw ideas around and get creative. Team members have the choice as to whether they want to work from home, in a coffee shop, in the office or in the park! You might want to work in the park on a Wednesday and come into the office on a Thursday, it is completely up to you.

It also means that if you work better in the morning and in the evening, you can start work super early, have a siesta and continue working in the evening. You can design your schedule however you want it to be designed. If you’ve got brain drain, there is no need to wait until 5:30 to stop working (or stop looking like you’re working).

We have very high productivity standards and expectations, which is, getting a shit load done. If you’re getting a shit load done from a mountain in Scotland, incredible! If someone works 5 hours a day and gets very little done, Central 23 isn’t right for them.

From minute one at Central 23, you would have every opportunity to literally change the course of the company if you have good ideas that can be backed up and they are bold enough (notice how I bolded the bold!)

How To Apply? ✉️

This is your first chance to show that you can think outside of the box and that you’re an independent thinker. So, please get creative with your application.

Please also provide examples of how you meet all of the following traits:

Hard Working

Take Pride In Your Work

Extremely Ambitious

Independent Thinker

Looking To Improve

Not Afraid To Fail

Nice, Fun & Positive


Please email marcus@central23.co and quote: JOB REF: 14+9.