Gift Wrap


Our wrapping paper is designed, made and printed in the UK on FSC certified paper. FSC Paper means we can trace the board right back to the forest the tree was grown in. This ensures we know that the entire process from tree, to paper mill, to printers, is sustainable and fair.

The factory we use for the wrap is ISO 14001 certified which means they have an environmental management system in place, including a chemical free printing process which means no harmful pollutants ending up in water supplies.

They use vegetable based inks, which are vegan. To explain this further - inks are made of 3 elements; a colourant, a binder and a carrier. Vegetable based inks are different to petroleum based inks because instead of using crude oil in the carrier, they use vegetable based oils such as linseed or soy. These are produced with less environmental damage than extracting crude oil, and don’t emit any pollutants when being used. It is also easier to strip paper of this dye when it is being recycled, which means more of the paper can be recycled and the process uses less energy than stripping petroleum inks.

We have developed a special paper sleeve for our wrapping paper, so that we don’t need to wrap it in plastic.

Our wrapping paper, tags and the paper sleeve are all recyclable and are our greenest product to date!


Our stickers are designed and printed in the UK.

We have just made the switch to print these on recyclable paper. Some stock that is still in circulation won’t have these yet, but from April 2021 we’re phasing out our vinyl stickers and replacing with ones printed on recyclable paper and printed with vegetable based inks.